Christmas Ham Ordering
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Order your Christmas Ham today to make sure you have a fabulous Christmas dinner.

Free Delivery when order is 5 or more hams.

Cooked Ham on the Bone
Traditional cooked ham on the bone with all three bones remaining. Provides a sensational centre piece for that special occasion. Presented with rind intact for glazing.
Available in 3 sizes for your convenience
Whole COB (Average Weight 9.5-10.5kg)
Half COB (Average Weight 4.5-5.0kg)
Quarter COB (Average Weight 2.38-2.5kg)

Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Champagne Ham
This ham has only the hock remaining. Allows for easier carving and more slices, as 75% of this ham. Can be sliced free of the bone. Looks great for the centre table when glazed.
Available in 2 sizes
Whole (Average Weight 9.5-10.5kg)
Half (Average Weight 5.-5.5kg)
Gluten Free & Dairy Free

Boneless Skinless Leg Ham 2kg

Perfect for smaller families. Traditional cooked Supreme Leg Ham Being boneless makes it easier to slice.