Colonial Bacon and Ham - The Process

Like anything worth doing, creating delicious bacon and ham takes time and expertise. Check out how Colonial Bacon turns fresh pork into mouth-watering rashers of middle, shoulder and streaky dry cured bacon and succulent ham.

Dry Cure Bacon

All our bacon is lovingly smothered in a cure of salt, sugar and sodium nitrate, a safe and naturally occurring type of salt. The smoking process infuses our meat with so much flavour that we don’t use MSG, HVP or soy.

The pork for our bacon is carefully selected from farms in Denmark, Australia and Finland who have an excellent track record of pig welfare.

Dry Cure Middle Bacon

Dry Cure Streaky Bacon


Cold smoked over Manuka sawdust, bacon that is perfect for your cheerful family breakfasts and for baking.

Rindless Middle Bacon

Café Streaky Bacon

Premium Streaky Bacon 1 kg

Middle Bacon

Shoulder Bacon

Rindless Rib Eye Bacon 1 kg


Streaky Twin Pack exclusive to Countdown
2 x 225g packed for your convenience