Supreme Sliced Leg and Flavoured Hams

Supreme leg and flavoured hams are lightly cured, then massaged to join the muscles of leg meat together, giving them a smooth, glossy finish. They're then bagged by hand to give each slice an even shape, smoked, steamed-cooked to 72 degrees, and held for 20 minutes.

Meat for our Supreme Leg Ham is taken from three parts of the pork leg. The fat and skin are always removed so your succulent ham is lean, healthy and 99% fat-free.

Once sliced, our ham is packed fresh in our new, resealable bag so you can enjoy a few pieces, and then refrigerate the rest for later. It'll keep for up to 5 days.

Pork for our sliced leg ham is sourced from our approved Canadian or American suppliers.

Supreme Leg Ham

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