Crispy bacon and delicious ham

If you've ever chucked a couple of rashers on and come out with a pan full of salty water, you'll know why Colonial is so passionate about quality bacon and ham.

Bacon should sizzle. It should crisp around edges without shriveling up and smell so delicious you'll want to eat it straight from the grill.

We judge our bacon and ham the same way you do, which is why everything we make is handcrafted from real ingredients. We don't cut corners. Our ham is full of taste without being full of fat, and comes in range of delicious flavours, conveniently sliced, so you'll look forward to lunchtime. And our dry cured bacon is just that – there's no added water, so you get sizzling, crispy rashers every time. Our boutique manufacturing process is quick and nimble, which means we can create delicious, new bacon and ham varieties. We even specially craft unique flavours for cafés and restaurants all over New Zealand.

There's no alternative to quality bacon and ham, but we don't think you should have to pay the world for it either. Proudly locally owned and produced, Colonial meats are made to suit your wallet and your taste buds.